WordPress is an Open Source Content Management System (CMS) which makes the entire process of designing, developing, and maintaining a website or a Blog as simple as it can be. Over the years WordPress Development has evolved into much more than a CMS and into a utility which many companies, as well as individuals, are taking advantage of. The host of features offered by WordPress Development combined with stupendous support and themes available in the market and the very inexpensive investment makes this a very popular medium for creating websites whether for personal or professional use.  WordPress also has become the world’s biggest blogging tool.

Using the full potential of WordPress’s robust architecture, our developers extend its functionalities with just a click and add customizations to take your blogging experience to the next level.

Empirical Edge, Inc., provides innovative WordPress Services.   As a WordPress development company, our proficient and experienced WordPress designers and developers give your business all the required customized solutions developing your WordPress websites.

Some of the benefits of WordPress Development are:

WordPress Development Services

  • W3C Compliance code
  • Spam Protection
  • Easy Point and click installation and upgrade facilitation
  • SEO friendly and compatibility.
  • Password protected.

At Empirical Edge, Inc., our team of WordPress developers specialize in implementing and custom creating websites and blogs as well as design and themes for our clients. Our services include:

  • CMS
  • Blog
  • Social Media
  • WordPress Development Theme Customization
  • WordPress Development Theme Development
  • WordPress Development Installation and Maintenance
  • WordPress CMS Development
  • WordPress Website development
  • WordPress Blog Creation and Customization
  • WordPress Blog and site maintenance and up gradation.
  • WordPress plugin development
  • Migration of your current site to a WordPress site and vice-versa
  • Hosting WordPress sites
  • WordPress consulting
  • WordPress eCommerce
  • Search Engine Optimization and Troubleshooting
  • Customize Design for WordPress Site
  • Converting PSD to custom wordpress theme
  • Install the plugins
  • Customize and develop plugins

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