22The Unbounce landing page platform has been designed with one thing in mind: Conversion. Its goal is to facilitate a simpler and more streamlined marketing workflow so your marketing team can focus on creating, publishing and measuring your campaigns without the usual bottleneck and delays associated with working with IT or software development.

Empirical Edge, Inc.’s Unbounce Integration Unbounce provides companies with a fast and easy way to create optimized landing pages without development resources. In conjunction with Empirical Edge, Inc.’s Lead Response management service, Unbounce’s technology can be even more powerful in channeling leads directly to your sales team. Unbounce and Empirical Edge, Inc. are driven to provide the same value to customers: increased conversions.

Unbounce Pros

  • Easy to build landing pages. Can copy html from your website so that the landing page looks the same as other pages.
  • Ready to go: Unbounce comes with ready-made templates. No coding needed or HTML knowledge required.
  • No more IT headaches: Unbounce’s visual editor puts your marketing team in control.
  • Changes can be made on the fly and pages can be published without a developer.
  • Real-time metrics: your stats are clear and easy to read. No jargon, just useful data.
  • Reduced time to market: get your first page online in less than an hour!
  • Higher conversion rates: traffic sent to targeted landing pages means your customers will always see something relevant to their needs.
  • Easy integrations. Both Zoho CRM
  • Ability to export visitor information in the event that a CRM integration fails. (Occasionally we changed fields in our CRM that prevents Unbounce from exporting visitor information, i.e. we changed the length of a field without limiting the Unbounce field length. In these cases, Unbounce notifies us that there is a problem and allows an easy fix.)

Unbounce Cons

  • For integrating with CRMs, it would be nice to have a feature that shows you the formatting of the field in your CRM. That way you could match formatting on your form without having unexpected errors like (CRM field is number only – need to set up a number only field in Unbounce) or (lead source field is 35 characters max – limit length of lead source to prevent an error).
  • In Unbounce, each landing page is a separate file. Would be nice to be able to change formatting on many landing pages at once. This would be useful when rebranding or renewing a website. You may have 20-30 or more landing pages that need to be reformatted individually.

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