Custom Software Development Services

Software Designing and Development Services

Empirical Edge Inc. assists businesses in expansion through the development of custom websites, software, and mobile apps designed to scale alongside the business and function seamlessly across all devices.

System Integration Services

We facilitate scalable architecture integration and seamless migration of data, including cloud-based data, from one database to another, offering the following services:

Database Development and Management Services

Empirical Edge Inc. offers comprehensive database management solutions encompassing development, administration, monitoring, replication, and backup services. These solutions enhance productivity, optimize performance, ensure business continuity, and facilitate the adoption of big data and new technologies.

eCommerce Development Services

We specialize in designing and developing online shopping websites capable of handling high traffic and delivering a seamless user experience. Our technology consulting services ensure these websites integrate smoothly with your existing ERP and custom software systems.

CMS Development Services

A Content Management System (CMS) is an essential tool for creating powerful websites. It simplifies web development with appealing designs, accessibility, real-time updates, and fresh content. Empirical Edge Inc. boasts a skilled team capable of implementing CMS into any web project. Our CMS allows you to update your website from any computer with internet access, without needing additional software.

Mobile App Development Services

Our team is equipped to support every stage of custom mobile app development, from creating a basic version to a fully functional application. We specialize in apps that operate seamlessly on both iOS and Android platforms, hybrid apps that blend web and mobile features, as well as apps tailored specifically for iOS or Android environments.

CRM Development Services

With extensive experience in CRM development, Empirical Edge Inc. enhances business connections and customer relationships through tailored database software solutions. We optimize interactions to strengthen customer relations, providing fully customized platforms or modifications to existing CRMs tailored to meet the specific needs of each business.

UI/UX Designing Services

At Empirical Edge Inc., we offer innovative UI and UX design services aimed at rapidly creating exceptional products. Our dedicated design team conducts thorough research within our software company, focusing on crafting captivating mobile and web apps. We manage the entire process from initial design to testing and customer experience research, ensuring high-quality outcomes.

Search Engine Optimization Services

Empirical Edge Inc. excels at enhancing website search engine rankings and increasing traffic. With our technical expertise and skilled writers, we effectively promote complex websites in competitive industries. Our team specializes in search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing, boasting a proven track record in designing effective internet marketing strategies for sustained success. Additionally, we prioritize maximizing conversion rates to optimize existing traffic, consistently achieving higher-than-expected results.

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