Our Team

Our Experts

The Executive Leadership and Senior Management team at Empirical Edge Inc. have 20+ years of industry experience, a broad global outlook, and a profound commitment to delivering impressive results.

At Empirical Edge Inc., our Developers are proficient in .NET development, ASP.NET, and application development. We ensure first-rate quality, user satisfaction, and results-oriented solutions.

Our team is expert, passionate, and committed, with a balanced knowledge of technical, functional, and domain knowledge. We constantly improve our operations to fulfill customer expectations and provide competent and professional solutions.

Empirical Edge Inc. offers value-for-money solutions and is a reliable business partner in various capacities. Whether the requirements are simple or complex, we will innovate and dedicate ourselves to meeting them.

Experts in Software Development Services Company

  • Experienced .NET developers with expertise in custom applications, DNN, NopCommerce, and more.
  • Skilled in .NET development, including ASP.NET, VB.NET, and C-Sharp.
  • The expert team comprises architects, developers, and QA engineers.
  • Equipped to provide end-to-end solutions across several domains such as Logistics, Education, E-Commerce, and more.
  • Provide committed .NET staffing for project development and scalability.
  • Application Migration to .NET
  • Web Services based .NET Application development
  • Custom Application Development
  • Software Product Development
  • Desktop and Web Application Development
  • Mobile applications based on .NET Compact Framework.
  • Experienced in User Interface, User Experience, and Usability Designs.
  • Empirical Edge Inc. comprises skilled web developers, designers, and UX professionals.
  • Specialize in developing large websites for multimedia institutions using open-source technologies.
  • Advocate for close alignment between design and development for project success.
  • Emphasize integration of front-end technology in the design process, focusing on high-fidelity wireframes and prototypes.
  • Responsibilities include crafting wireframes, creating rapid prototypes, providing detailed annotations, supporting information architecture documentation, developing style tiles and guides, communicating design ideas to clients, and staying updated on UX trends, particularly in mobile technology.
  • Experienced developers, experts in Objective-C, Swift, Xcode, Web services, Java, Android Studio, Eclipse, Push Notifications, and more.
  • Specialize in designing and developing iOS, Android, Windows, PhoneGap, and Xamarin mobile applications.
  • Access to various skilled engineers
  • Rapid team scaling and involvement of subject matter experts
  • Transparent process and comprehensive reporting
  • Complete control over your projects
  • Established intellectual property protection procedures
  • Our PHP developers are experts in custom PHP applications, WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Drupal, and OSCommerce customization.
  • Deep knowledge of PHP-related technologies.
  • 5 years of PHP experience in web-based applications.
  • Dedicated PHP development team with extensive experience in multiple PHP applications.
  • Over eight years of PHP web design and development experience.
  • Comprehensive services, including PHP consulting, development, maintenance, and testing.
  • Experienced Java developer skilled in JAVA, J2EE, JMS, Databases, and more.
  • While delivering projects on time, we foster business success.
  • Our approach involves providing a dedicated developer team to align with your vision.
  • Our developers are skilled in all phases of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), including Waterfall and Agile models.
  • With a track record of completed projects, we make your vision a reality.

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