Systems_IntegrationEmpirical Edge, Inc.  provides enterprises with business critical solutions for SharePoint. Here the sophisticated and flexible File & Data Transporter integrates enterprise data and content.

With Empirical Edge, Inc. it is possible to synchronize data from LOB systems with SharePoint, supporting many out of the box systems. With Empirical Edge, Inc. integration of line-of-business systems with SharePoint becomes easy, secure, and scalable. Administrators are able to use the visual mapping feature to navigate a vast number of different data models.

SharePoint migration projects are rarely simple. Even though Microsoft has greatly improved migration functionality in SP2013, most migrations require the old deployment stays in production for a period of time. In addition, it is often that content and sites need restructuring during migration. Empirical Edge, Inc. is the ideal tool to migrate to SP2013, with the ability to keep content synchronized across multiple SharePoint Farms and to move and copy content in batches. Fusion significantly eases the pain of migrating.

System Integration Services

System Integration SharepointPoint
System Integration SharepointPoint
  • Sharepoint Designing and Implementation
  • SharePoint App Development
  • SharePoint Web Parts
  • Office 365 Development and integration in sharepoint
  • Nintex Workflow
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Other System Integration
  • Migrate & Synchronize file shares to SharePoint
  • Copy documents from SharePoint to SharePoint
  • Synchronize data between databases and SharePoint
  • Schedule jobs with full audit trail & alerting

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