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Cross-Platform Mobile App Development Frameworks

  • React Native: As per the 2021 Stack Overflow Survey, React Native was the framework of choice for 16.48% of professional developers, ranking fifth among non-web frameworks in recent usage.
  • Flutter: With over 135k GitHub stars and 68.17% of developers naming it one of the most popular frameworks in the 2021 Stack Overflow survey, Flutter has emerged as a dominant force, surpassing React Native in popularity.
  • Xamarin: Founded in 2011, Xamarin is the oldest framework listed here. Initially quiet, it gained momentum after Microsoft’s acquisition five years later and now boasts a community of over 60 thousand contributors.

What Exactly Is Cross-Platform Application Development?

Also known as hybrid mobile app development, this strategy enables developers to create applications compatible with multiple operating systems and platforms such as Android, iOS, and Windows simultaneously. Businesses and developers often choose cross-platform development to reduce costs and development time. For inquiries or to discuss your project, contact us at [email protected] or call us today.

Cross Platform App Development

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