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Telenet Doctor

The TelenetDoctorᵀᴹ platform is an open- architecture continuous monitoring system that can be easily adapted to any individual needs. Currently, the system can be used for cardiac monitoring (arhythmia, Holter, etc.), pre-diabetes conditions, diabetes (glycemia) monitoring, high/low blood pressure monitoring, COPD, Parkinson disease compensation monitoring, patient self-assessment including stress, mood and pain monitoring, sleep apnea diagnosis, medication management and is suitable for manager screening as well. Cardiotocography (fetal heartbeat and uterus tonus) monitoring of pregnant women and teleconsultation features are under development and soon will be available.

Key Features

The application consists of 4 types of users.
a. Admin: To manage the application settings and other stuff.
b. Doctor: To manage the patients, appointments, medication records, different types of measurements, assigning nurses, etc.
c. Nurse: To manage the patients and their measurements.
d. Patient: The patients are added by the Doctor/Nurse. They can sync their devices like Glucometer, Blood Pressure level, etc.



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