About Empirical Edge, Inc.

With headquarters in Marlton NJ, Empirical Edge, Inc. is a leading, fast growing software and information technology services company. The Company was established in 2007 and since its inception has offered a wide range of specialized technology services and solutions to its world-wide clients. Empirical Edge is well known for its outstanding performance in the Design, Development, and Deployment of websites and mobile applications.

Empirical Edge, Inc. delivers effective web sites around your business goals. Our strategy is simple, we focus on your vision, apply a deep understanding of web site development with extensive online experience, creating sites that are dynamic, interactive, focused, and connected.

For many years we have built custom software helping our clients consistently increase their business through successfully integrating with customers, operations, business partners, key stakeholders, suppliers and employees.

We guarantee solutions that engage your target audience and provide a means to measure and ensure a return on your investment.

There has been a major shift in the nature of both traditional and internet business. To obtain visibility and brand recognition, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) methodologies must be integrated with a targeted social media footprint. Establishing an effective website involves more than writing code; it requires carefully executed strategies and implemented programs that are continually refined over the long-term.

Empirical Edge, Inc. sources the best, most innovative minds in the industry, fusing our extensive business experience, insight and expertise to develop complete, cost-effective solutions to achieve your goals and satisfy your needs. Our breadth of competencies and proven success comes with our competitive pricing and a results-oriented approach  unrivaled in the industry.

Because employees at Empirical Edge, Inc. all have an ownership stake and “we do the work”, we can:

  • Eliminate middleman mark-up and pass savings on to our clients
  • Give customers immediate answers, instead of excuses
  • Be much more responsive and flexible in our relationship
  • Save clients time and pay less for superior products and services

Our Vision

To expand our services, delivering effective solutions to support a global client base and to partner and collaborate with our clients, finding cost effective solutions to best represent their company in the marketplace.

  • Client Satisfaction

    Client Satisfaction

  • Result Oriented Approach

    Result Oriented Approach

  • Speed & Efficiency

    Speed Efficiency

  • excellent quality

    Excellent Quality

  • great place to work

    Great Place to work

Aside from generating leads and revenues for your company, our thorough professionalism would itself guarantee you optimum client satisfaction. The commercial and meaningful applications delivered by Empirical Edge are derived from our past experiences, the latest technical trends and future expectations.
We believe that Perfection is the sole key to delivering exceptional results. To realize that excellence, we strive hard to find the best possible solution for all our clients, thus satisfying their needs.
For every evolving business, speed and efficiency are vital elements to success and would be essential to meet the changing and challenging requirements. Hence all the trivial responsibilities would be carried out by us in minimal time.
The expert team at our company prioritizes all your job demands to render excellent results. We can help you attain your expected growth and offer our clients a host of beneficial services.
Our company culture believes in sharing resources and will uncover fresh, groundbreaking ideas and resolutions to support our clients.

Project Budget and Cost Justification

There is no such thing as a typical project because every project is unique. The best way to determine a project’s cost is to review your business objectives and discuss all financial considerations, including: project requirements, budgets and cost justification.

In our industry, as expected, it is always easier to estimate smaller projects most accurately.  When we estimate the time required for your project, (based on our deep experience with similar projects), as long as the scope doesn’t change, that is the invoice price.  As the scope and complexity increases, estimates can become much more difficult and sometimes the recommendation will be to invoice the job on time and material (T&M).

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